Real Estate career chronicles of Lee Barrison

  • On December 2nd 2001, I received my license to sell Real Estate

  • For 6 month of my 1st year selling I didn’t sell a single home

  • After 6 months I signed up for Real estate coaching

  • For the remainder of 2002 I managed to sell 28 homes in my 1st year of Real Estate

  • Between 2003-2006 my production continued to grow

  • In 2007 I witnessed the most devastating Real Estate crash in history

  • Between 2007-2012 it required twice the amount of work to maintain; 90% was short sale

  • In 2012 the market finally settled down and I knew I wanted to to grow in a major way

  • In February of 2013 I made the best business decision of my career by hiring Miare Rispoli as my Executive assistant

  • In 2014 I set a goal for myself to close 100 transactions…I closed 96 on my own

  • In March of 2015 I started a Real Estate team and brought 5 agents, in 9 months we closed 141 transactions

  • In 2016 brought on 5 more agents and we closed 242 transactions making us the #1 Real Estate team in Kern county

  • February 17th of 2017, I brought Intero Real Estate Services to Bakersfield. We started with 10 agents  and we are now 39 agents strong and growing month over month.