Do You Have This CRUCIAL Characteristic Of Success?

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So much has been said about the keys to success in Real Estate. There are a plethora of characteristics we must have to succeed: Work hard, have the right attitude, follow-up and more. There is one word that summarizes all of these traits. Without this, all of those traits don’t stand a chance… What is it? Commitment.

There are a lot of other words that point us back to commitment. For example: dedication. One who is committed is dedicated to success. Another is devotion. One who is committed is devoted to achieving success. We think the word commitment says it all.

Are you sick and tired of not achieving what you set out to achieve? First, you must ask yourself – How committed are you to achieving your Real Estate goals? Just about everyone says 100%, but I’m asking you to dig deeper to really find out how committed you are.

Committed is just a word, but when you examine your actions they will tell you how deep that commitment is. For example, have you set big, audacious goals? Just saying you want to succeed is not enough. You must have clarity as to what you want to achieve. You must be committed not only to your goals but to the process of creating and achieving goals.

The majority of people in sales and in business have not set goals that will drive their success. It’s easy to say that you want to make more money, but it‘s not so easy to pinpoint exactly how much money you want to live the lifestyle you’d like OR what to do to get there. It’s even more difficult to pinpoint the exact actions you are willing to take to achieve this goal.

In other words, you need not only to identify what you define as success, but also identify what will get you there. Do not get the impression that we are only talking about money when we talk about success. We could also be talking about lifestyle, retirement goals, and how many other people you’d like to help along the way. I couldn’t have sold over 1,500 homes in my career if I wasn’t conscious about helping others during my own growth.

After taking the time to define what success looks like to you and figuring out what it will take to get there, what’s most important is the fact that you must be committed to carrying out these actions. That’s where most of us tend to stumble.

How To Tell If You Are Committed Enough To Achieve Your Goals:

How easy do you get off track? Do you let your lack of confidence or lack of knowledge keep you from making the calls you KNOW you should be making? Did you not attend the last networking event because you’re out of business cards? Why would a lack of business cards keep you from talking with people and building relationships? Those who are out to achieve their goals might say “Now I have a reason to follow-up with the people I meet because I need to get them my card!” NOT having a business card can work in your favor: You’re so busy, you’ve run out of cards!

It’s easy to see the difference in attitude. There are tons of ways to observe someone’s level of commitment. Do you always do what you say you are going to do? If you say you will follow-up with someone, do you always follow-up promptly, or is your record of following-up inconsistent?

A lot of Realtors go to motivational seminars to get pumped up. It does show a form of commitment, however, these seminars cannot be substituted for real commitment. Commitment must come from within.

Going back to a word we used before, you must be dedicated to the task at hand. You cannot achieve what you need to achieve without dedicating yourself each and every day. If you have been reading this and you realize that your commitment level is lacking, what do you need to do?

The first step is recognition, but the second step is action. What actions can you take in order to move to another level?


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