How To Go From Real Estate Agent To Entrepreneur

From Real Estate Agent to Entrepreneur

Developing talent is an important part of going from agent to entrepreneur. How do you connect with your talents on a level that actually resonates with them and their needs? What are the three things we track to make sure what we’re doing is actually working? How do you check in and stay in contact?

We talk about developing talent, helping people grow and building top producers from scratch. Tracking our numbers is going to tell us how we’re doing with our lead generation activities and the conversations we’re having.


When we’re little, most of us are encouraged to be great, but when we get older, for some reason, the script changes. We’re told to be practical, realistic. The people who used to support us now discourage us so we can be average like them.

You need to learn how to react to people like that. You need to learn to get frustrated at their negativity and drive it into productive action. Learn to do whatever it takes to “live a life that says ‘I told you so’ without having to say a word.”, like a true entrepreneur.


How you view conflict in your life has so much to do with what energy you’re putting out, what progress you’re making, and how far along you’re going to get. What makes movies and books so exciting is the conflict, yet people have such a terrible view of it.

If you want to be successful, you have to change your perspective about it. In fact, you have to come to believe that conflict is actually what creates the greatness in you.


Can you 100% guarantee success in anything? Yes you can… And it doesn’t mean that you have to work so many hours that you never sleep. What it does mean is that you identify the critical tasks that have to be completed TODAY. There’s no better day of the week than today to review the systems – the tools – that will help you complete critical tasks that’ll allow you to live an abundant lifestyle.

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